Website Design

Wide variety of web design options to suit your needs and criteria



We offer a wide variety of web design options to suit the needs and criteria of each individual and/or company.

By creating a website that has the necessary information, functionality and the correct look and feel, will create a great starting point to your online image for you and/or your business.

Website should reflect your industry, level of professionalism and target audience that you intend to reach.

We can assist you with the above-mentioned by creating a website that caters for all you and/or your business requirements.


Social Media Marketing

When a new website is launched, it takes time for Google and other website crawlers to recognise the content on that website and rank search results above other websites. Keywords that the user enters, triggers the results and being on page one, which receives more than 90% of all click-through choices, is key to your website being reached.  The organic ranking of your website, based on specific keywords used to trigger search results, are determined by complex SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) algorithms imposed by Google. These rankings are always secondary to Google Adwords advertisements which displays on top, or on the side, of any search results page. To get your company, product or service listed here, you need a Google PPC (Pay per Click) specialist to manage your Google AdWords campaign and keywords on a daily basis.

Jena Solutions offers affordable and professional managed Google PPC solutions to ensure your business and products are visible from day one.

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